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Rocky Mountain Collegian. A tradition since 1891.

The Rocky Mountain Collegian has been a mainstay on the Colorado State University campus and has become one the of the country’s preeminent student-run news publications. Currently ranked in the top 20 of college newspapers by the Princeton Review, the Collegian is distributed throughout campus and the Fort Collins community, Monday through Thursday with special Friday sports editions on key game weekends. News is reported throughout the day with updates on, KCSU and through Facebook and Twitter. 


daily papers distributed to more than 150 campus buildings and more than 270 locations in Fort Collins

Students are

more likely 

to read their

college newspaper 

than a local or national newspaper.


more than 33,000 students
make up the CSU community

Publication Dates

Listed below are the upcoming publication dates for our products. Some future dates are subject to change, please contact us here for the latest information.

2018-2019 Publications

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Collegian Display Advertising Rates 

Per Column inch

  • Local Open Rate$6.80
  • CSU Department$5.95
  • CSU Student Group$3.00

Colorado State University Rates

  • Full$340
  • Half$218
  • Quarter$110
  • Sixth$68
  • Business Card$38

Local/National Rates

  • Full$380
  • Half$208
  • Quarter$127
  • Sixth$75
  • Business Card$42

CSU Student Group Rates

  • Full$180
  • Half$90
  • Quarter$45
  • Sixth$30
  • Business Card$24

Display Ad Deadline

Deadline for booking all display advertising space is 3pm two working days prior to publication.

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Special Placement Options

Front Page Advertising

Only one advertiser per day can place an ad at the bottom of the Collegian front page. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis and include full color.

  • 9.5" x 2"$300/day

Pre-Printed Inserts

4,000 maximum per day
Provide printed inserts to the printer three business days prior to publication.
Ship To:
Prairie Mountain Publishing
Attention: Chris Klein/Collegian
801 North 2nd Street
Berthoud, CO 80513

  • Cost Per Day $220

Front Page Sticky Notes

Add impact to your advertising message with front page sticky notes. Placed on the left side of the front page, this full color sticker is guaranteed to grab the attention of readers. Frequency discounts apply.

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  • Sticker Size: 3” x 3” (custom shapes and sizes available)
  • Deadline: 2 weeks prior to publication

Puzzles and Features

Secure guaranteed placement of your ad beside one of the Collegian's most popular features: Sodoku, Crossword, Nope & Dope, or Horoscope


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  • $48 per day/15 or more week commitment
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 Collegian Classifieds

Classifieds Deadline

Deadline for all classified line ads is 3 pm one working day prior to publication.


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Classified Rates

Classified Ads; Per word, per day

  • 1-3 Days 30¢
  • 4+ Days 20¢
  • Bold Type 20¢ (additional per word, per day)
  • Business Logo/Art $2.00 (additional per ad, per day)

College Avenue

College Avenue is Student Media’s lifestyle publication covered from a student voice. Each edition features a lifestyle topic and includes monthly features on food, fashion and trends. College Avenue provides readers unique ways to explore and enjoy our active Fort Collins community. Contact our sales staff here to place your ad.

College Avenue Advertising rates

  • Back page (7.5” x 10”) $400
  • (8.625” x 11.125” with bleeds)
  • Inside Front Cover (7.5” x 10”) $360
  • Full page  (7.5” x 10”) $270
  • Half page (7.5”x 4.875”) $180
  • Quarter page (3.7” x 4.875”) $115



College Avenue Publishing Dates

Fall....September 28, 2018
Winter.......November 30, 2018
Spring........March 1, 2019
Summer.......April 26, 2019

Distribution: 3,500
College Avenue is featured on more than 75 racks throughout campus and Fort Collins for two months.

CSU Life: Colorado State University’s Faculty and Staff Publication.

CSU Life is a monthly news publication produced specifically for faculty and staff at Colorado State University. The publication is delivered directly to staff mailboxes on campus. CSU Life is a partnership between student media and CSU’s Division of External Relations. Together we are dedicated to featuring stories for and about employees, highlighting accomplishments and presenting information about the great community that’s CSU. Contact our sales staff here to place your ad.

Advertising Rates

  • Full page (9.5” x 13.75”) $600
  • Half page (9.5” x 6.75”) $390
  • Quarter page (4.625” x 6.75”) $240
  • Eighth page (4.625” x 3.25”) $130

Publication Dates

September.....Tuesday, September 4
October.......Monday, October 8
November.........Monday, November 5
December........Monday, December 3
February.........Monday, February 4
March............Monday, March 4
April............Monday, April 8
May...............Monday, May 6

Previous CSU Life Editions

PDF files of CSU Life are posted each month to


We produce full publications for departments and businesses. Check out our full special publication list in unique opportunities.

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