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To place an ad, or to talk to one of our advertising staff, please see the contact information below. The map at the bottom of the page highlights the areas of the Fort Collins community, and which of our advertising representatives cover that area.


Advertising Professionals:

Kim Blumhardt, Advertising Director; kim.blumhardt@colostate.edu, 970-491-1146

Doug Hay, Digital Services Manager; dhay@collegian.com, 970-491-2126


Student Advertising Representatives and Advertising Inquiries:

General Advertising Inquiries:

Doug Hay

Emma Faust, Student Advertising Manager


South Fort Collins & Other Inquiries

Doug Hay, information above.

CSU Departments & Organizations


Campus West

TBD for 2018-19

Campus East/North Fort Collins

TBD for 2018-19

Laurel to Drake

TBD for 2018-19

Downtown/Old Town

TBD for 2018-19