10 Innovative Ways Student Media is Connecting with the Colorado State University Community

Rocky Mountain Student Media constantly adapts its student-run products to stay up-to-date with the latest college media trends. The Rocky Mountain Collegian newspaper began in 1891, and has since grown and expanded to produce content through digital, broadcast, and niche print publications.

cropped-RMSMC-Logo-small.jpgToday, RMSMC parents The Rocky Mountain Collegian, CSU-TV Channel 11, 90.5 FM KCSU, and College Avenue Magazine. Ever-changing trends within the media industry present student employees with the task of constant innovation, in order to connect with the students of Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community.

Below are our most recent strides towards remaining the go-to source for news and entertainment relevant the local community:

#1. Daily news and updates on collegian.com

Collegian.com is updated daily with the latest news, entertainment articles, and trends relevant to CSU and the surrounding Fort Collins area. The site includes a wide array of segments guaranteed to attract any CSU Ram, including news, sports, arts & culture, opinion, and music.

#2. 90.5 KCSU FM: Independent Student Radio

90.5 KCSU FM is RMSMC’s non-commercial, student-run radio station, the official radio station of Colorado State University. The 10,000 watt signal reaches over 250,000 people in northern Colorado, in addition to a live, worldwide presence on kcsufm.com. KCSU is music intensive, and focuses on alternative and college music genres. The station also provides newscasts, sports shows, live play-by-play of CSU Women’s Volleyball, and Public Service Announcements. KCSU is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and broadcasts live from the first floor of the Lory Student Center, at the heart of the Colorado State University campus.

#3. CTV: News and Original Video Programming

CTV produces original shows for digital distribution, and content for CSU-TV. Run by students, CTV operates as a part of RMSMC and exists to provide the CSU and Fort Collins community with interesting and engaging content. CTV News broadcasts live during each semester at specific times, in Fort Collins on Comcast channel 11, on campus on CSU-TV channel 11, or can be streamed live on Collegian.com. Check the latest schedule each semester on the video page of Collegian.com.

#4 College Avenue Magazine

College Avenue Magazine is Rocky Mountain Student Media’s student-led, monthly lifestyle publication. The magazine is segmented into food & drink, arts & entertainment, recreation & travel, and style, in addition to several interest pieces. College Avenue is produced with the Fort Collins and CSU community in mind, and is available to read online.

#5. LivingFoCo.com

Brought to you by RMSMC, LivingFoCo.com is the premiere housing search site for the Fort Collins and the CSU community. The site offers customizable housing available based on preference of bedrooms, bathrooms, distance, and price. LivingFoCo is continuously updated with the latest housing available to rent in Fort Collins, and works perfectly on mobile and tablet devices for that on-the-go search.

#6. Original blogs, featuring many different topics

Collegian.com hosts various blogs relevant to niche audiences, including Music, Nightlife, The Green Report, and Alternative Life. Each of these blogs explores popular stories pertaining to their topic, attracting both curious and specific audiences within the CSU and Fort Collins community.

#7. CSU Life

CSU Life is the official monthly faculty and staff publication for Colorado State University, produced by RMSMC. The publication features articles specifically relating to CSU faculty and staff members. Faculty and staff members are highly engaged with this publication and look forward to receiving it directly into their mailboxes each month.

#8. Culturally relevant sponsored columns

Rocky Mountain Student Media adapts rapidly to cultural trends, especially when working with local organizations. Recently, The Rocky Mountain Collegian has began publishing content sponsored by numerous businesses, including the Netflix and Chill feature, sponsored by the Alpha Center, and Beer Me at the Mayor, sponsored by the Mayor of Old Town. These recurring columns offer unique content, while also reaching a wide audience.

#9. Resourceful speciality publications

Specialty publications such as the CSU Visitor’s Guide, Orientation Guide, Housing Guide, Graduation Edition, and Ram Deals Coupon book offer additional information to the Colorado State University community through quality content. Features of these specialty publications are strategic distribution, long shelf life, and a large reach.

#10. Strategic marketing

Three words are used to describe RMSMC marketing staff; innovative, energetic, and everywhere. The marketing department is brainstorms unique ways to interact with the CSU and Fort Collins populations, whether it be on the CSU Plaza, through social media, or at community events like New West Fest. The marketing team is also continuously collaborating with local businesses to assist in reaching the CSU community.

Written by Meghan DesRochers, RMSMC Special Projects Manager

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